In June 2020 it became apparent to all the pandemic will not go away — we decided to make the move.
For years we have been taking about leaving manic depression of Toronto and finding a new life in Montreal.
It took two months to get that done — thanks to Alena, Nik and Irina, our realter team on the ground.
They are superwomen when it comes to finding that «right house», accompanied by a cool dude with tools always ready for action!
We had our viewings arranged to our convenience 500 km away. Each property we went was researched and triaged as to save our time and sanity. Stats and numbers, pros and cons, nothing was missed or neglected.
So we got it, the dream place in a lovely town — at a very reasonable price. And then, all surprised one gets to suffer with regards to financing a purchase between different provinces began.
Namely there is limited time to get a mortgage, impossible to hire a notary and arrange an inspection when business as usual doesn’t exist anymore. Well, they did managed to get the right help and right when we need it.
The best kind of realtor period.